Forms needed for the first appointment

You've decided to make an appointment. Congratulations on choosing to be an active participant in your wellness!
When you come to your first appointment, please bring the forms labeled "Forms requiring client information and signatures." Why do I give you this paperwork ahead of the session? Frankly, completing intake forms is a necessary task for beginning any therapy, so having them done ahead of time allows me to be focused upon you and your needs in session, rather than the paperwork. Also, these forms let me know about you and your situation and also allow you to get to know upfront about how I do things: from the way that your information is handled, to the policies I have regarding fees. It's my way of letting you know that I take your care very seriously and admire the investment of your time and money. It's that simple.

your journey begins now.

your journey begins now.

Forms requiring your information and signatures.

1. Client Information Brochure & Consents: what you can expect from my services.

2. Client Questionnaire: a comprehensive form that lets you tell me about yourself and the issues for which you're seeking care.

Guidance for your review.

Notice of Privacy Practices (unabridged version): This is the long and more detailed version of how my office handles your protected health information (PHI).

Brief Guide to Using Insurance for Therapy: This guide will help you understand how behavioral health insurance works under the medical benefit.