'Burque Awesomeness Thursday

It's Thursday, and it's time to highlight another locally owned business. Today's highlighted business, which will go into the website's resource directory is:

Sweet William Photography
Owner: William Bledsoe
Phone: 505-363-2391
Website: www.sweetwilliamphoto.com
Services: Artistic, documentary-style wedding photography, contemporary family portraits, and promotional photography for businesses and individuals. 
Why this is an awesome resource: Sweet William Photography is a small family-owned business that brings an experienced, creative eye to everything they do. Will's relaxed nature and masterful  use of lighting make him both a pleasure to work with and a real artist.

Know of a fantastic Albuquerque business or community resource?
Message me at lynne@getemotionalnourishment.com. Tell me about the business and why they're awesome, and I may highlight them in 'Burque Awesomeness Thursdays and on my website's Resources directory.