'Burque Awesomeness Thursday

It's Thursday, and it's time to highlight a Albuquerque-based community resource and business, which will be listed in the Local Resources directory of this website. This week's highlight is the SAFE House Online Store.

SAFE House Online Store
Owner: SAFE House
Website: www.safehouse.sfsfundraising.com
Services: Retail of a variety of sustainable, often organic, artisan gifts and lifestyle products.
Why is this an awesome resource: In essence: you're buying quality with great karma. SAFE House Online Store allows you to shop for natural products while financially supporting SAFE House. SAFE House is a main contributor of Albuquerque's domestic violence victim services: emergency shelter, crisis intervention services, and crisis counseling. You don't have to even have to leave the house to do something amazing for the more than 1,000 families that benefit from SAFE House's services. 

Know an awesome Albuquerque business or resource?
Message me at lynne@getemotionalnourishment.com. Tell me about the business and why they're awesome, and I may highlight them in 'Burque Awesomeness Thursdays and on my website's Resources directory.