The Big Five Personality Test

Ready, set, Go!

Ready, set, Go!

I'm a psychology dork. I admit it, but when I find a new toy, I will share it. Enter: The Big Five Personality Test.

The Five Factor Model of personality proposes that there are five distinct cross-cultural areas of personality: Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. You can remember the theory by the acronym OCEAN. People who score highly in Openness to Experience gravitate towards new, complex ideas and situations. High Extraversion is marked by assertiveness, feeling energized from sociability, and a boisterous presence. Those who score highly in Agreeableness tend to be peaceful people who emphasize helpfulness, cooperation, and kindness in relationships. Lastly, those who score highly in Neuroticism tend to be sensitive or prone to emotional instability in the face of stressors. Try this abbreviated, totally for-fun version of the test based upon the Five Factor Model: The Big Five Personality Test. Remember, though, that the Five Factor Model is a personality theory (idea), and the test is not meant to diagnose mental illness. Just have fun with it!

What did you get? High Conscientiousness? High Neuroticism? Do you think it's accurate? 

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