'Burque Awesomeness Thursday

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'Burque Awesomeness is here to start this new year with verve! This Thursday's resource highlight, which will go into this website's resource directory, is a great local business: 

Enchanted Family Medicine
Owner: Mary Lou Singleton, LM, FNP
Phone: 505-573-5134
Address: 4916 4th St. NW Albuquerque, NM 87107
Email: marylou@enchantedfamilymedicine.com
Website: www.enchantedfamilymedicine.com
Services: Full age-spectrum integrative family medicine and a large on-site herbal pharmacy.
Why it's an awesome resource: Don't let the exterior fool you; this practice is all heart. When was the last time you heard of a primary care practitioner willing to personally email you about your kid's ear infection? When was the last time that your primary care practitioner literally sat down with you to take a full-health history in a quasi-living room setting? When was the last time your primary care practitioner was willing to talk about integrating herbal remedies and natural approaches alongside the more traditional pharmaceuticals? Mary Lou is that kind of practitioner, AND she takes many insurances.

Know an awesome Albuquerque business or resource?
Message me at lynne@getemotionalnourishment.com. Tell me about the business and why they're awesome, and I may highlight them in 'Burque Awesomeness Thursdays and on my website's Resources directory.